"We're betting on Alice"

Welcome to the APPC website! This will be our party headquarters, located in the "Party Room" at the top of this page.

This all started on the Twilight Lexicon when out host Logan noticed there wasn't a team Alice.
He got signatures from a few users, recruited Me, Kimmy, and Allie, and on January 29th, 2009, Team Alice became a new thread. A new Host was added recently, Emma. Check out all the existing threads about the beloved Alice here:

APPC thread #1

General Alice thread

Alice and Jasper's Relationship thread

And to get the most out of the Lexicon and their threads, join here. And be sure to send a message to the hosts:


Logan's username: dunnerheartstwilight

Allie's username: allieb

Kimmy's username: sacheal

Chloe's username: threethings

Emma's username: edwardlikeshaystacks

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